The White Rock Youth Ambassadors are helping raise awareness, and raise funds, for the White Rock Pier rebuilding project.

Click here, to go to the WRYA ‘Rebuild The Pier’ GoFundMe Page.

As a result of the awareness campaign, one of the donors that came forward was 6 year old Ashton, who (with the permission of his parents) donated the contents of his Piggy Bank to the cause, and drew a picture!

(Click on the thumbnails below, to open a gallery viewer, and see the pictures of Ashton, better!)

 Ashton donating his Piggy Bank, to help raise money for the restoration of the White Rock Pier - Ashton donating his Piggy Bank, to help raise money for the restoration of the White Rock Pier - Ashton donating his Piggy Bank, to help raise money for the restoration of the White Rock Pier - Ashton donating his Piggy Bank, to help raise money for the restoration of the White Rock Pier -

Below is the video, “Our Pier: A Retrospective”, compiled by the White Rock Youth Ambassadors, in conjunction with The City of White Rock, and the White Rock Museum & Archives

Below is a video with the White Rock Youth Ambassadors, from an interview on Global BC.



Below is a video with White Rock Youth Ambassadors, from an interview on CTV.



The historic White Rock pier collapsed after being hit by a record-breaking windstorm on December 20th, 2018. The pier is known as the heart of our ‘City by the Sea’, witnessing White Rock’s growth and development over the past 100 years. And we are devastated to witness the collapse of the “heart of White Rock” by the severe windstorm.

First built in 1914, White Rock’s historic pier stretches out 1,542 feet (470 metres) into the ocean and has been a landmark of the City for over a century. For many years, the pier has been an iconic destination for people from both nearby and afar to enjoy beautiful views of the Pacific coastal mountains and islands. To members of the White Rock community, the pier has always been a part of our life. Whether it is strolling back and forth the pier with our families to see the sunsets or jumping off the pier when we were kids, all of us have a special connection with this symbol of White Rock. Our Mayor Darryl Walker has already vowed to restore our beloved pier. However, as youth ambassadors of our beautiful city by the sea, we are also eager to contribute to the city’s restoration commitment. The desire to help preserve and enhance the heart of our home has led to this fundraiser. Your donations will go towards some of the special features of the pier that were previously from private donations or are not covered by the government funding. These include:

– Lights

– Archways

– Benches

– Memorial plaque

As a group of youth, we have sought and are continuing to seek advice and counsel of the community leaders, getting practical information to protect your donations and ensure these contributions will enhance the new pier. As soon as the festive season is over we will meet with a local Rotary club to discuss about our partnerships. We will also connect with White Rock City Council to become a benefactor.

Please feel secure and comfortable to share and donate. It has already been a great opportunity for us to engage, connect, and learn about our community. Thank you!

Who are we?

The White Rock Youth Ambassador Program is a contemporary, volunteer and self-development program for teens from the White Rock, South Surrey area who are chaperoned and mentored by members of the community in a safe, positive and nurturing environment. After a six-month apprenticeship, the participants become the ambassadors of the city, working closely with the White Rock City Council and its service organizations, volunteering at various city and community functions, and travelling across the province to promote the city of White Rock.

Our mandate is to:

– To promote and train volunteering in teens;

– To develop potential in teens; and

– To improve community through effective action and leadership of these teens.

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