Debbie and daughter Sam

Debbie and daughter Sam

Debbie came to White Rock Youth Ambassadors as a result of her daughter, Sam who responded to a newspaper recruiting ad for the program. Together they attended the meeting with coordinator Jane Tench at Elgin Park. Debbie was slightly horrified when they were greeted by Miss White Rock and Princess of White Rock wearing crowns and banners. Was this a beauty pageant??? They attended the meeting and it seemed more interesting than their first impression. To be honest, neither of them really understood anything about the White Rock Youth Ambassador Program, especially the time commitment.

Sam became Princess, which they didn’t understand either and Debbie chaperoned many events and trips. It was through the 18 months that Debbie became more and more enchanted with the program that existed throughout the province.

For Debbie, the best part is when “the light goes on” in an ambassador’s tenure, when he or she sees the opportunities, the benefits, the feeling of connective ness, the life experience, the networking whether it is through volunteering or mentoring or traveling. She says “it is especially rewarding when past ambassadors keep in contact with Donna or me or someone else from WRYA.”

In short, Debbie believes the Youth Ambassador Program leaves a thumbprint on the life of youth; it is relevant, contemporary, and positive.

In 2019, Debbie became an advisor to the Program, after years of being a Coordinator, with her best friend and co-coordinator Donna Beaudry.